All staff and inmates free of COVID-19 – Prisons Dept

KUALA LUMPUR: The Prisons Department has confirmed that there have been no COVID-19 positive cases among its staff and inmates since the pandemic began.

However, appropriate steps have always been implemented to prevent the spread of the virus in prisons, including carrying out health checks on those on duty.

“Other than that, each (new) inmate will be quarantined for health check purposes. If they show any symptoms of the virus, the prison authorities have prepared isolation blocks and quarantine centres for them,” the department said in a statement today.

It said several initiatives had been carried out, including sanitising the whole prison area, adding that affected families and parties should give full cooperation and place their trust in the Prisons Department to carry out its responsibilities as the leader in corrective services.

“It is hoped that with continuous efforts and prayers, our country will be free of the pandemic soon,” the statement said.

Today, an incident which went viral on social media alleged that a personnel and two inmates from the Kajang Prison had been infected with COVID-19 and also that other inmates were not allowed to contact their families.


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