Italy’s A2A to cut carbon emissions 46% by 2030

MILAN (Reuters) – Italy’s biggest regional utility A2A said on Thursday it planned to beef up its climate targets by cutting its carbon emissions 46% over the next ten years.

In a statement the multiutility said the planned reduction by 2030 was for so-called Scope 1 emissions.

Scope 1 includes direct emissions under a company’s control such as fleet vehicles or gas boilers on site.

A2A said the new target was based partly on the development of at least 1.6 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity by 2030 as well as the shutting and reconversion of cola and oil-fired power plants.

The utility is headquartered in the rich northern region of Lombardy which has been hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

Reporting by Stephen Jewkes, editing by Maria Pia Quaglia

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